Q) Do you ship internationally?

A)Unfortunately, we do not offer international shipping at this time.


Q) Is my credit card information safe if I place an order online?

A) We use the latest security and encryption technologies to ensure your information is safe.


Q) Can I use a Visa/AMEX/Mastercard/Discover Gift Card on my purchase?

A)Gift Cards of this variety typically cannot be authorized for online purchases as they are formatted differently than standard credit/debit cards. That said, PayPal specifically designed a system to help online retailers deal with the inability to secure a standard Prepaid Gift Card transaction. Customers can associate Prepaid Gift Cards from Visa/Mastercard/AMEX/Discover as payment sources for their PayPal accounts. Please visit the PayPal landing page "How To Pay With Prepaid Gift Cards". Using this system, you can place an order on our site with the aforementioned Prepaid Gift Cards via PayPal.


Q) What does my Order Status mean?

A)Order status allows customers to see where in the order fulfillment process their orders currently stand. Orders can be modified or canceled only while their status is listed as "Order Received." Once an order has been marked as "Order Processed," it cannot be canceled or modified, as the order has been processed by our warehouse and is in the queue to be shipped out.

Q) What if my item doesn't fit?

A)We try to have a very lenient return policy. We understand that every product, etc., may fit a bit differently and it can be difficult to buy that item on the Internet and be sure it fits correctly. See our Return Policy for details


Q) Does MotoExpo charge sales tax?

A)Due to recent changes in legislation, states now have the ability to mandate whether or not they charge sales tax for online purchases. Many states have decided to act on this ability, so we are now required to charge sales tax on any order with a shipping address in these states. We realize no one likes paying taxes, but it is important for us to remain compliant with all applicable tax laws as mandated by the state governments in which we conduct business.


Q) Do you have a physical store I can visit?

A)We currently have one retail location in Concord California which also serves as our HQ and new Polaris and Can-Am Unit Purchases.  It carries a wide selection of parts and accessories. We are 25 minutes from the Oakland Airport. Note that not all products listed on the website as in stock are available at the store.